Rotary Peeling machine

Name:Rotary Peeling machine

  • Rotary Peeling machine

Product Description

Function: Cutting wood veneers from wood log. The veneers width can be adjustable according to sticks size. Can be used for wooden Chopsticks, Toothpicks, Ice cream sticks, Tongue depressor and wooden spoon/fore/knife etc manufacture.

NC Peeling machine

Model No.: PM-480

Splint Veneer Peeling Machine

Size : 2,800×2,000×1,500 mm

Power: 9.75kw

Make Dia.: <700mm ;

Make Length.: <480mm

Make Thickness : 0.9-5.6mm

Wastage: Dia. 55-60mm

Net Weight: Approx.2,430 kg

Remark: NC machine can make different thickness of veneer with high precision.

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