Bamboo toohtpick making line

Name:Bamboo toohtpick making line
Model No::0

  • Bamboo toohtpick making line

Product Description

This machine is used to make bamboo toothpicks. Toothpick size is based on requirement. Two point and one point as option.The capacity for the machine line is 800,000pieces per 8 hours,about 100kg toothpicks.

Complete line including:

1. Sawing machine (Bamboo)

2. Bamboo dissection machine


4.Combined flakers

5.Bamboo forming machine

6.Bamboo filament set-size machine

7.Polishing machine

8.Toothpick ruller cutting machine

9.Toothpick point sharping machine(one or two point)

10.Multi function knife grinding machine

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