Wooden spoon drying machine

Name:Wooden spoon drying machine
Wire material:Stainless steel SS201 touch with products
Conveyor belt:3 layers or 5 layer based on production capacity
Running speed:0.5-1m/min
Drying time:40-80 mins from material in to output
Design temperature:120℃
Material thickness:Max.30cm
Air pressure:0.4-0.6MpA, 1M3/hour
Machine size:11000x2200x2450mm

  • Wooden spoon drying machine

Product Description

Conveyor type drying machine use for wooden spoon fork knife, ice cream sticks, magnum, coffee stirrers, tongue depressor etc wooden products. It is continue work with 3 layers or 5 layers stainless steel screen belt. Drying machine is with numberical control system, it can automatic control the temerature and humity. It's a higher technology machine. We can make the drying machine with supply steam heating or use thermal oil furnace to suppy hot air as cusomer requirement. Widely use for wooden products manufacturers. 

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