Paper stick rolling machine

Name:Paper stick rolling machine

  • Paper stick rolling machine

Product Description

Complete line is combined by paper stick rolling machine, cutting machine and drying machine. 

 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION for paper stick rolling machine


- Paper stick diameter: 2.5-6.5mm as customize

- Paper stick length: 100-400mm as customize

- Working speed: 110-150 meter per minute based on the stick diameter and length.

- Material(paper) thickness : 30-200g/m2 based on the stick diameter

- Glue : polyvinyl alcohol, starch glue

- Electric: 3 phase, 380v/50Hz as customize

- Power: 2.2kw for paper feeding and cutting, 1.5kw for stick forming

- Machine dimension: (L x W x H) : 5,800x1,500x1,650mm

- Weight: 900kg

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