Wooden stick edge chamfering machine

Name:Wooden stick edge chamfering machine
Application:Ice cream stick, tongue depressor, magnum
Production capacity:12000-15000pcs/hour
Machine size:1250x930x1150mm
G. weight:280kg
Function:Milling the stick sides edge round and smooth

  • Wooden stick edge chamfering machine

Product Description

Wooden magnum sticks chamfering machine use for edge process for sticks sides.


Bulk Automatic Sticks Chamfering Machine

Model No. HTCM-M

Application: 94 spoon , magnum

Power : 1.5kw

Production capacity: abt. 9,000pcs/hr

Main Function: Make sticks sides round & fine

M/C Size : 1250x930x1150mm

Gross Wt: 260kg

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